About The Digital Majority

We stand for freedoms of certain types, but also rules. We are the unseen future, the generation of programmers, engineers, businessmen, writers, artists, journalists, lawyers, politicians, and the other individuals and firms who have staked their future in a fair digital playing field. We are the Digital Majority.

Compromise is not an option. There is no acceptable level of friction any more than there is an acceptable level of cancer. We spend our lives removing friction, eliminating transaction costs, competing ruthlessly to be better, faster, more efficient. When someone comes along and tells us, "this new law is going to turn you all into my serfs", and gets a massive, concerted, and well-organised hostile reaction, they should not be surprised.

We are the Digital Majority. Time is on our side. The ones that don't get it will grow old and die. Every baby born today is a potential citizen of tomorrows global Digital Economy. We are the Digital Majority and we will continue to fight to shape this world into what we consider right and proper, based on our solid and honest understanding of economic efficiency and value, our inbuilt sense of fair play, and using our talents for communication, for organisation, and for collaboration.