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How do Non Europeans contribute to banning software legislation?
by: gdchristgdchrist
15 Apr 2009 20:17
Sun develops 'Invocation Methods Sending System'
by: emacsuseremacsuser
14 Dec 2008 19:22
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by: biopatentbiopatent
06 Jun 2008 12:09
Does it mean I cannot implement this function in my website?
by: leehoomleehoom
25 May 2008 09:03
Hanu Software offers a wide range of services including business process outsourcing, onsite technical consulting, offshore software development, and product lifecycle management
by: Hanu SoftwareHanu Software
11 Aug 2007 09:28
2 by patelmiteshbpatelmiteshb
23 May 2008 12:12 Jump!
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by: GoGogenieGoGogenie
30 Aug 2007 02:34
Microsoft is attempting to patent the Object Bench functionality of the Blue J (www.bluej.org) teaching tool
by: Anonymous
26 Jan 2007 22:51
6 by smithssmiths
05 Jul 2007 02:14 Jump!
check it out but look out for nortin
by: thelilflertthelilflert
20 May 2007 04:41
An organisation making public domain patents, in the good spirit of GPL.
by: Anonymous
14 Mar 2007 21:08
first thread ;)
by: Anonymous
16 Jan 2007 09:14
4 by Anonymous
19 Jan 2007 10:45 Jump!
Welcome to the new joint forum for DigitalMajority.org and NoSoftwarePatents.com
by: Anonymous
20 Dec 2006 00:32
by: alasirialasiri
31 Jan 2011 13:38
by: BrianAllemanBrianAlleman
11 Jan 2011 21:45
by: (account deleted)
04 Jan 2011 06:01
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by: quioskequioske
16 Nov 2009 05:25
A lot of interesting notes in FTC's Richard Stallman's speech about removing/not allowing software to be patentable.
by: KuptisKuptis
25 Dec 2007 02:14
talk about "No software patents"
by: a regular developera regular developer
03 Dec 2007 14:14