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U.S. Supreme Court to hear i4i patent case against Microsoft

30 Nov 2010 08:22"The U.S. top court has agreed to review a patent infringement case filed against Microsoft by Toronto-based i4i Ltd."

NZ-OSS: Debating Software Patents with Brett Roberts

20 Oct 2010 17:55"Summary (and YouTube links) of a debate on software patents in New Zealand: "I argued that software patents stifle innovation. When ideas are copied, extended, built upon - we all benefit. Patents stop this and thus stifle innovation. He argued that patents not necessary to protect industries based on ideas e.g. publishing because copyright does a good job. He pointed to the negative impacts of software patents such as the Android litigation which is stifling competition.""

EurActiv: EU to push patent-free eGovernment

13 Oct 2010 06:07"The European Union is on the cusp of writing public procurement rules which favour patent- and royalty-free technologies, according to software giants who argue that the rules echo Chinese public procurement laws. [The BSA is] worried that the pending European Interoperability Framework (EIF) will give technologies that have open specifications an advantage in public sector bids."

Wikileaks publishes documents on plan to curb free software in the European Union

08 Oct 2010 17:25"[The leaked] file shows that Jonathan Zuck, president of Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) –an organization with close ties to Microsoft–, and founder of Americans for Technology Leadership, had influenced the change of working documents of the European Union."

MultichannelNews: U.S. Patent Office Affirms TiVo 'Time Warp' Patent Is Valid

07 Oct 2010 06:53"The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday affirmed the validity of TiVo's so-called Time Warp DVR patent, reversing the agency's ruling this summer -- after a second re-examination requested by EchoStar and Dish Network -- that the patent was invalid because some of the claims were covered in two prior patents."

Ars: Motorola asks ITC, two federal courts to throw book at Apple

07 Oct 2010 06:51"Motorola has launched the next offensive in an increasingly confusing legal war over mobile patents. The company, through its Motorola Mobility subsidiary, has filed patent infringement complaints against Apple in both Northern Illinois and Southern Florida federal district courts. It has also asked the International Trade Commission to block Apple from importing, marketing, or selling iPhones, iPad, iPod touches, and "some Mac products.""

Ars: Cover Flow may cost Apple $208.5 million in damages

04 Oct 2010 17:26"Apple has been ordered to pay more than $200 million to Mirror Worlds, LLC after having lost a patent infringement case brought by the company. Apple was found to be in violation of Mirror Worlds' "document streaming" patents, which Apple allegedly used in its implementation of Cover Flow and Time Machine."

TechDirt: Why Must Patent Supporters Rewrite History In Attempt To Have The Feds Subsidize Patents

03 Oct 2010 21:05"Hank Northhaft is the CEO of a patent licensing firm. [...] He [...] has been making the rounds writing opinion pieces for various publications pitching this plan. Unfortunately, each of his opinion pieces seems to rewrite history or misinterpret studies to make his argument."

Ars: Microsoft sues Motorola, citing Android patent infringement

02 Oct 2010 12:18"Microsoft has announced a lawsuit against Motorola, alleging that several of the mobile company's Android devices infringe on nine of its patents. The software giant is suing in US District Court in Washington, and is also bringing a complaint before the International Trade Commission (ITC). The patents are all related to key smartphone experiences that include syncing e-mails, calendars, and contacts, scheduling meetings, and notifying applications about changes in signal strength and battery power."

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